Digital Computer Class

Web 3.0 infrastructure for Universities and Ed Tech companies. Digital workspace that can be used from anywhere using pay as you go model.

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Convectix Digital Class


Simple access to always up to date computers


Fast scaling of workspace

WEB 3.0

Microtransaction option - Pay as-you-go option for on demand usage

User Friendly
Easy to use
Simple customization
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Company Road map

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2021 Q3

Building Team of professionals

2022 Q1

Getting government finance to join Innovation Academy

2022 Q2

Networking with universities and private companies

2022 Q2

Presenting project concept on Tech Chill demo days

2022 Q3

Plan to get Pre-Seed investment

2022 Q4

First University Proof of Concept / First B2B white label solution

2023 Q2

Built First level of Infrastructure

2023 Q3

Seed Investment for business scale

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About Us

Meet our Team

Edmunds Blaževičs

Project Manager - RTU Masters student and past member of student parliament

Kirills Parfjonovs

Project Manager - Co-founder of Secret Games (DK Startup)

Varens Ivanovs

Lead developer - more than 10 years experience in system administration and micro transactions

Egor Kumzichev

Lead developer - more than 10 years experience in system administration and Web design

Oleg Ginzburg

Lead developer - Creator of Convectix tech solutions. Creator of CBSD virtualization technology


Riga, Latvia